PR Policy

Maha Sports’ Policy on Press releases

 Maha Sports is a pure sports news website that loves to inform people on what is going on in the sports world.

Press Releases going by the same thought can definitely get in touch for their press notes to be published.

Maha Sports does not charge anything to publish a press release. The press release submitted must be clear, to the point regarding the event and should not include any harsh, explicit words that may create public disharmony.

Maha Sports will have a final say on whether to publish a press release or not, in case it does not abide by the policy norms.

Maha Sports has the complete authority to modify the write-up if it does not comply with the norms of our editorial policy.

 Press Releases should be purely based on the sporting event and should not be an endorsement of any product, person, agency. The press releases may not be always seen on the home page of the website.

Maha Sports does not assure that the press releases make it to the social media channels until and unless a clear communication has been done with the respective team. 


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